Textile Fix It @ Nicole Bridger


Join us for a monthly Textile Fix-It event, hosted this time at the wonderful Nicole Bridger store in Gastown.

Bring your clothes needing a repair and we'll help each other fix.

We’ll bring the sewing machines, threads, needles, scissors, patches and everything you'll need to repair, mend or fix your jeans, shirts, pants, jackets and any other piece of clothing.

Maybe you love sewing or you’re a seasoned or aspiring designer? Join our fix it and share you knowledge. 
All are welcome!

Why Repair?

Because repairing - is making a choice. 

A choice to be aware that even a single act of repairing an item instead of buying into a disposable culture, is radical and transformative.

It is an understanding that being sustainable is choosing quality and making it last and that repairing is a social act of empowerment through skill sharing and community building.

But also, because what can be better, than learning new skills, fixing your favourite shirt and making new friends in the process?


AUGUST 14 @ 2-7PM

Nicole Bridger Store

14 Water St., Vancouver