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It's almost the end of the Framworq design challenge, seams have been ripped, patterns adjusted and a lot of learning has ensued. Upcycling is one of those projects that may seem very daunting. The idea of opening up all the clothing to see what pieces are left, then trying to find out how the size of fabric and colours best work with each other to create a new and wearable garment can paralyze many with uncertainty. I used to be one of those people.

I had almost exclusively worked with fabric lengths before this project. I most certainty had never opened clothing up to create new clothing (what if I messed it up and then was left with shreds of unusable fabric AND without a piece to wear or donate?)

As this project moved forward, I found a great sense of empowerment in it though. It shed new light on old clothes, it has forced me to play with my patterns in ways I would have never tried without needing to and it has not only helped me figure out fun styles to try in the future but has also shown me where I can reduce even more waste in my own sewing; the left over square of fabric is simply a patch waiting to be joined to another. I came to realize also how much I and this style of upcycling had in common. I have always been a colour enthusiast and have been collaging my little heart out fromas early as I can remember.

Somewhere during my first garment it hit me that what I was doing was basically the same thing, however instead of magazine clippings and glue it was clothing pieces and thread. The freedom that came with the idea of 'collaging fabric' to fit the pattern and collection was wonderful.

I'm excited what has come of this project and look forward to the future.

If you are thinking about diving into upcycling I say go for it! You'll be surprised you haven't tried it before.

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Tyra Wietman

Tyra's fashion quest started out young.

Being an overweight teen in a small town with no fashion options she headed to the local fabric store with a head full of ideas and her allowance in her pocket.

She wanted to.....Read more here


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