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Upcycling Project Update - blog post by Jamie

We all know that consumption is the sole end purpose of all production. So what are

the ways that we can make consumption a positive thing?

First we need to understand what obsolescence means.

It’s the condition of “no longer being used or useful. To be obsolete is to no longer be used because something newer exists and therefore replaced by something newer.”

So how do we perceive something as being “newer” while, in fact, it came from something used?

We need to look at our flawed system and realize that this “fast fashion” world we live in is a major problem to us all. When styles change every 2-3 weeks, how can anyone keep up?

Well, that’s what we are trying to achieve here with this Upcycling Project.

We see waste as a resource or raw materials to start fresh with. We are here to pick up the

pieces left from our unsustainable fashion industry and keep this “waste” in circulation and out of our landfills.

It is incredible the quality of fabrics that used to be used.

From 100% silks, 100% wools, and 100% linens just lying around with no purpose! Through experimentation with these textiles we have been able to come up with simple garments with intricate details that scream long term use.

The direction we are heading in with our fabric is to use cleaner technology. We are always looking at energy saving processes, which are fully traceable to our consumers. We are responding to our consumers needs because we understand that they demand responsible production as well as sustainable and recyclable ingredients.

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Jamie Dawes

Jamie Dawes is a Vancouver based fashion designer with a passion for sustainability.

For the past year and a half she has been living on Vancouver Island in Tofino getting inspiration from her surroundings.

Her approach to ...Read more here


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