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Upcycling Project Update - blog post by Ginger

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This project is unique in the aspect that Im having to design something on top of something already made.

The design process is essentially backwards because instead of starting with an idea and creating the pattern, finding fabric and constructing it.

Im taking a garment, analyzing how it was constructed than taking my idea and looking for a way to manipulate the garment into my vision.

The up-cycling part of the project is what inspired me to want to use fabric manipulation; up-cycling is taking something and manipulating or changing it into something reusable in my eyes.

I want to express the simplicity of basic garment silhouettes and incorporate clean intricate designs to show that fabric up-cycling has many avenues and doesn't have to be crafty.

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Ginger Broatch

The endless options of creativity that are available through the manipulation of a garment is what has always drawn me to become a designer.

I am able to take the crazy ideas I have in my head and express them through something tangible. I’m intrigued of how far I can push or pull the boundaries of something.....Read more here


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