The need to weave with upcycled textiles strikes at a park by the sea / Margie

Upcycling Project update - Blog post by Margie

This is my first ‘blog’ post for the @Frameworq project. In my work as a designer, I have by necessity, chosen to upcycle my whole life. I am inspired, and mentored even, by those in the world who upcycle on a grander scale that I have so far been able to accomplish. This project with @Frameworq as an exciting stepping stone toward developing the concepts of design that I have always felt true in my heart: practicality, integrity, solid workmanship, ingenious style, innovation, and whimsy. The necessity to upcycle, comes from many things. For me, it mainly comes down to choice. The choice of a lifestyle, and the goals of a personal life. Money plays a part of so many things in life, and once again, we choose. We work our butts off for that pricey dress, or we learn to sew as a hobby, or we thrift, consign, or upcycle. (easy for me to say, I know, as I’ve been sewing since I was 10!) I have to say that I have, in my sewing business, seen many talented home sewers bring their projects to me for further development. I’ve often been impressed by the accomplishments in their projects, and I’m so happy to assist their learning and creativity. Upcycling is on the pulse, a it’’s concept waiting to take-off. Needing to take off! I am so looking forward to working with Irina at Frameworq, and to meeting the other designers who also value this upcycling concept! Recently, I was very inspired by an article (linked below) on, and I especially like this quote from the article, that feels totally apropos to this project: “Waste is the medium. It’s a material that can be manipulated and repurposed.” I was also inspired by the film, The Malagasy Way, which shows how the people of Madagasgar work together to ‘make a life’ out of upcycling. Cheers to a mindful life! #MargieFMQ @KLoZHAUSDESIGNSTUDIO @Margiessewingtailoringalterationsredesigning



Margie Preninger

Professional Fashion Designer (BSc. FIT Apparel Production Management & Design) and Fibre Artist working primarily with upcycled and repurposed materials......Read more here


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