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Upcycling Project Update - blog post by Tyra

I had almost exclusively worked with fabric lengths before, with interludes of making clothing out of the last bit of fabric for my self, the idea of using post consumer clothing as the starting material for a mainstream collection made me excited and a bit nervous.

When I met Irina she was, naturally, excited and passionate about the idea and that alone washed away any worries I may have had, I knew I would figure it out with her support. So it began: Create a mini collection out of post consumer clothing. A challenge indeed, but an exciting one.

Everything starts with research. I began looking in my closet, my books and online for ideas. Gathered them up and started arranging them in a working 'story'. I went into my studio and starting matching fabrics and colours. The more I worked on the collection the more I thought about it, it became this great puzzle to me; when I got ideas it was like finding another puzzle piece. I can be very practical day to day so that influenced the design process as well. I would ask myself: could this piece be worn all day? can it transition into other seasons? can I walk/bike/work in this piece? Those questions have been really helping the design process.

It's easy to come up with a design for clothing, but no one will wear an everyday piece that doesn't have the ease of wear in it. We're still in the first few weeks of the challenge and the collection has organically turned into pieces that are inspired by our city in the forest. I'm excited to draft life into the items I choose to make and to see how the available material will affect the design (if at all). I love clothing, we interact with materials and dress ourselves every day. I believe our clothing, like food, should be mindfully made.

Customers know the facts about fast fashion and the fashion industry, but when shopping they mostly care about 'does it fit on my body, in my lifestyle and with my budget?', which is what they need to do for them.

Our job as industry professionals is to do the work for them, to create thoughtfully made clothing that does fit that criteria and that starts at home and in the studio.

I know the up coming weeks are going to be full of happy surprises, and thoughtful ideas, I'm excited to share them with you check out my instagram account @tictactyra and my Frameworq hashtag #TyraFMQ for quick updates on this journey.

Happy mindfulness everyone!


Tyra Wietman

Tyra's fashion quest started out young.

Being an overweight teen in a small town with no fashion options she headed to the local fabric store with a head full of ideas and her allowance in her pocket.

She wanted to.....Read more here


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