Textile Fix It 

Join us for a monthly Free Textile Fix-It event, hosted by Frameworq at the Mount Pleasant Public Library.

FIX IT AND IT'S YOURS  |  Special Edition


We have a full rack of branded men suits, jackets and shirts we got from a film set and they are ** FREE ** to take.


Here's the catch:

These are high end clothes with minor to medium imperfections and they need patching, fixing and creativity.

No experience necessary! 


Our goal is to divert textiles from ending up in the landfill and bring repair skills back to use with patches, darning and stitches. 

Maybe you love sewing or you’re a seasoned or aspiring designer? Join our fix it and share you knowledge. 
All are welcome.

JUNE 25 @ 10AM-2PM

Vancouver Public Library

1 Kingsway st., Vancouver


Past Fix Its at Mount Pleasant Public Library