Circular Economy



November 22 

7pm @ This Open Space, 434 Columbia St. Vancouver 

The Circular Economy Design Challenge is part of an annual celebration of innovation and design opportunities around upcycling and waste diversion.  

The Design Challenge is a space for local media organizations, students and successful entrepreneurs to engage in strategic conversations around the Circular Economy.


One of our key events this day is the collaborative Design Challenge, in which local design students will have 8 hours to recreate a design process (from setting up their studio to assembling their product) the entire process will take place on the event grounds and all the materials are diverted textile waste from local organizations.


Join us in the 3rd day of this event for an opportunity to listen to the findings and conclusions about the future of Circular Economy in Vancouver as expressed in the different stages of the Design Challenge. Add your voice to the visioning session seeking to define the role of the designer in the Circular Economy.  


Finally, witness the talent of local students as they unveil their finished designs, created on site out of textile waste collected from local businesses and community members.


++ At 7 pm we will be celebrating the students who participated in the collaborative design challenge and the participants in the event (that means you!) with a small funky afterparty so be sure to register and arrive on time to the event++

Saturday November 22, 2014

7pm @ this Open Space

434 Columbia st., Vancouver

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