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Carlie Jean Finch

A Textile and Fashion designer based out of Vancouver B.C. Carlie-jean Finch creates art to wear garments using surface design techniques to create one of a kind pieces. Working out of her studio shared by two other female designers. 


Growing up a competitive figure skater, the art of movement and shape captivates and inspires me.

This allows me to fully engage in the potentials of my materials.


A large part of the process is my intuitive design; there isn't a lot of pre-planning, for I allow my emotions to guide me through my work. I chose to only work with natural fibers, such as silk, linen and wool.

The fibers I choose establish my connection to the natural world and within my pieces there is always a romantic vein.


http://themassornament.crevado.com/   ( online portfolio ) 


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