Anatomy of a T-shirt 

not a regular crafty workshop

With Materials                                                            $30

GST 5%                                                                                          $1.5


Bring your own 2 T-shirts                                        $25

GST 5%                                                                                         $1.25

Most people will see, well - a T-shirt.


But a T-shirt can be a scarf, a necklace, a bag or a carpet. Whatever it may be, imagination and creativity are the limit.



Join us for a super fun afternoon exploring the possibilities when

a T-shirt becomes everything but just a T-shirt! 



  November 15, Decide your Life Studio


We'll be learning how to manipulate T-shirt fabric into new items such as a bag and a scarf and provide a different point of view on how a used piece of clothing can be rejuvenated into something completely different, with a spark of creativity and a pinch of imagination!


Introductory Level


Just bring your creative bone!



12:30 -  Doors Open

1 pm  -  Begin Workshop

3 pm  -  Photo Party!







Hanging T-shirt
White wall T-shirt
Circle T-shirt
Grey T-shirt

What do you see when you look at

a T-shirt?

Saturday November 15th, 2014

1pm to 3pm

Decide your Life studio

42 Begbie st, New Westminster


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