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Have you ever marveled over the incredibly clever cycle of life and living systems?


How living things grow and die to be reborn again as a nutrient for another living organism.


But why - we humans have adopted a different - linear approach in the way we live our lives.


Today, all our systems and the infrastructure of society such as production & manufacturing, retail, design and consumption are working in a Linear Model. We Take, We make, We Dispose.


There’s not usually much planning at the design stage what would happen to the product at the end of its life, and as a result - we exhaust our natural resources and overflow the landfills.


But in nature, all systems are pre-designed in a circular way – where there’s no such thing as waste – and every living thing that comes to the end of its life - becomes an input for another process in nature.


So what if we actually could see waste as a resource?


Well, that’s what Frameworq is all about.


We believe that we as Designers, Consumers and Retailers have a real impact on our environment through our choices and decisions.


That is why we chose to focus on the Design, Retail and Consumerism sectors in the Linear Economy to deliver the message of sustainability and create an impact towards the transformation to Circular Economy.


Frameworq is developing a Design Lab and an Upcycling method to practice the principles of circular economy in a practical everyday life.


Using Retail space and a Studio opens up a whole new world of opportunities to collaborate with Designers and Consumers to deliver the message of Sustainability.


Our goal is to affect Designers to design with sustainability and the product end of life- in mind.


To impact Consumers to think about how the simplest buying choices we make are affecting our environment.


And we want become role models to other retailers to show that the circular economy creates new and innovative opportunities for Retail.


Join us for our journey towards the transformation to circular economy through collaboration and Creative thinking in our everyday life.




November 21st, 2014


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December 2nd, 2014


Circular Economy Design Challenge

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